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Hashtag Advice For 2021

Hashtags have been around since 2007 so almost everyone with a social media account should be familiar with them. However, many marketing professionals are finding that hashtags just aren't benefitting their social media pages the way they used to.

We deep dived into the world of hashtags to see what is and is not working when it comes to hashtags in the current age. Here are our tips and tricks for good hashtag use in 2021!

"Using the right hashtags will put you in front of your target audience!"

1. Find New Hashtags

Gone are the days of using hashtags such as #followforfollow, #likeforlike, #instalove, etc. and getting high engagement rates.

In today's world, you need to find a collection of niche hashtags that users are having a conversation about.

So how do you find relevant hashtags?


Look into your audience's pages to see what hashtags they're using and following. This will help you find relevant tags to reach other users with similar interests.


Take a peek at your competitions hashtags to see what is working well for them. Specifically look at the posts with a high engagement rate.


There's a reason they are influencers! They have locked down the target audience and grown that audience to a large following. They have already grown their brand and in turn know what hashtags work with that following.

2. Use Lots Of Hashtags

As long as you are using relevant hashtags, using a bunch of them will not negatively affect you. Instagram currently allows up to 30 hashtags on a post and 10 hashtags on a story.

If you're worried about your caption looking messy, try posting the hashtags in the first comment or using a font color that blends in with your background color on a story.

3. Create A Brand Hashtag

A brand hashtag is one specific to your company. For example, we use #monarchmarketing. This tag will not populate with a broad audience, but it is important to have as your business grows. If you want other people to use it, try running a contest with one of the entry rules to use your brand tag.

4. Use Community Hashtags

We have 6 types of community hashtags that work well!

• Product and Service Tags

•Niche In Your Industry Tags.

Think about your product or service more specifically.

•Instagram Community Tags

•Special Events or Season Tags

•Location Tags

•Daily Tags

5. DO NOT USE The Most Popular Hashtags

Where in the past, using the most popular hashtags would have been beneficial, today it is just going to cause your content to be buried. This is why you want to find those less populated tags that have an engaging audience for your brand.

6. Test It Out!

After you find a collection of hashtags that work for your brand, try to get your post into the "TOP" results for a hashtag!

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