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5 Ways To Get Better Engagement On Facebook Posts

Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm to prioritize personal posts and bury business page posts on users timelines. And so the never ending quest to beat Facebook's algorithm continues on for social media managers.

We already know that Facebook will bury organic content to prioritize your friends' content, but they also do this as a way to force you to pay for their pesky ads to boost your content.

"Organic Content: Content posted on a social media profile that is not boosted to a larger audience outside of the core followers."

However, there is a way to still get better engagement on your Facebook posts despite the algorithm changes! In fact, we have 5 proven ways to improve your organic content engagement.

1. Have A Conversation

The best (and possibly the easiest) way to boost engagement is by having a conversation with your audience. You can do this through your caption, photo, or both! You want your followers to stop, interact, and share your post.

2. Focus On Your Audience

We know you want to grow your business, but there's no need to target the masses if the majority of those people are not going to buy your product. You want to create high quality, specific content that your audience will appreciate.

3. Avoid Clickbait

Or well on social media, it might be called engagement bait. This is the posts that say "Like This If You've Done...." or "Comment Your Favorite....". You may be thinking what's the harm in these if users are interacting with them. However, Facebook actually penalizes brands who "ask" for comments or likes on both organic and paid posts.

4. Track Your Content Performance

Use Facebook's insight tools to check the engagement on your posts. This will help you determine which posts are doing the best while which posts are falling behind.

5. Spend Ad Dollars On Posts With Organic Momentum

We know this may seem like a contradiction to spend money on posts already doing well, but it will actually work in your favor. If you choose to boost a post that's already doing well organically, the ad dollars will only keep the momentum going on this post. Plus you may reach new followers and customers who will see your future organic posts.

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