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Facebook Ads: Text vs Image Rules

“Facebook ads that contain images with little to no image text tend to cost less and reach more people than ads with image text.” Since Facebook owns Instagram these rules apply there as well. 

What does this mean? When boosting an ad on social media, not only does it need to be targeted properly but it also needs to have the proper ratio of text to image. 

Based on Facebook’s guidelines, the more text you put in the ad, the less likely it is to be seen. 

In turn, when you’re paying for a boost, it could then wind up costing you $1.00+ per click rather than the average of .27-.60 cents per click. This is determined by a few factors: 

The target market you selected, the quality of your ad, budget, and time of year which you are boosting. 

As enticing as it is, please DON’T CLICK BOOST without consulting with a social media marketing professional first. I can’t stress this enough! 

Social media algorithms are constantly changing and if you are not on top of them, it will be wasted money. I then stress: PLEASE don’t waste your money. 

I’d love to help and educate you in a cost effective and productive way.  

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