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How to Get Your MySpace Photos Back

What ever happened to Tom? We were all his friend and then we abandoned him for Mark.

Nevertheless, over the years I have often thought... I miss MySpace. I want to add music to my homepage and pick my top 8 friends. Although we can't do that anymore, you CAN still access your profile and retrieve old photos! While you will need patience, it is do-able if you follow these steps. I was able to retrieve mine!

First, type into the Google search bar your name - and then type MySpace… so it should look like (Google: Jane Doe Myspace). A website called PeekYou will likely pull it up and will then show your MySpace user name and your last MySpace profile pic in the search.

HOLD ON.... You need this user name....

Once you have your username, type in backslash user name ( or whatever yours is

Your sign in page will come up if your page is public, you're in luck because there it is!

BUT, most profiles were private and that's when it gets tricky... so let's keep going....

If it was private, it will say page restricted so you're going to click on SIGN IN on the top right. It will then ask you for your password which you likely don’t remember.

If that’s the case then go to sign in with username because now you have the username… It will then ask you if you forgot your password and if you want to reset it. Yes, yes you do!

After you click reset my password it will ask you to send it to an email to verify. Chances are you can no longer access this email or can’t remember which email it was SO you must choose the option of reset a different way. It will then ask you security questions, and assuming you can answer them correctly, you can then reset your password.

Once completed, go back to the login and viola! you are now in your old MySpace account and able to access most of your photos from 2005 through 2008. Only about 30% seemed to be saved on their super-server so download what you can and hold on to those memories! I do recommend trying this on a computer, not a phone, since MySpace was never formatted for cellphones back then, everything will load very slow but now you are in!

PS. You can try to login through your Facebook or Twitter logins but I don't know anyone who has been successful with that.

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