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5 PRIME DAY Deals For Business Professionals

PRIME DAY IS FINALLY HERE! and although this is a great time to stock up on holiday necessities and gifts for the family, it is an even better time to TREAT YOURSELF and help your business. Prime Day is an annual event for Amazon Prime members happening Tuesday, Oct 13th and Wednesday, Oct 14th.

Here are 5 Prime Day Deals all business professionals should take advantage of.

1. Apple AirPods - $115 (28% off)

With these ever changing times, you're probably on the phone more than you are face to face with someone. Keep your hands free for all those lengthy business calls with this great deal on AirPods. PLUS if you're working from home, you can crank up the jams and tune out the kids.

2. Echo Dot - $19 (62% off)

"Alexa, remind me I have a meeting with Kerri at 3:00 pm". The Echo Dot is the personal assistant you didn't think you needed until it became so darn inexpensive. Now you won't be able to live without her.

3. 10" Ring Light - $26 (28% off)

Your remote meetings with reach a new level of professionalism with this ring light. Plus you'll never look better either! (Your colleagues won't even notice you're still in pajamas).

4. Multi-use Laptop Tray - $43 (35% off)

Set up shop anywhere and everywhere with this laptop tray. With adjustable heights, you can use it flat in bed or raise it up on your desk for when you need to stand up throughout the day. PLUS it comes with a storage drawer!

5. Ring Video Doorbell - $70 (30% off)

Whether it's for your small business shop, office building, or home; the Ring Video Doorbell is a must have to see who's coming and going. Plus it's the best way to ensure all those Amazon packages you're about to get stay safe.

Happy Prime Day! Did you find a great deal? Tell us about it on Facebook.

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