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3 Ways To Get Back "IN" with Instagram

Instagram and Facebook are constantly updating their algorithms making it harder for brands and business pages to have their content seen. Instagram is now prioritizing friends and family posts and posts from pages you engage with most.

We're calling this the 3 ways to get back "in" with Instagram and have your posts seen by more followers.

1. Interest

If you saw a decline in engagement on your Instagram page recently, it may be time to regain your followers' interest. The best way to do this is by sharing something share-able. Instagram is about so much more than the number of likes your post has. By posting something that your followers are interested in, they are more likely to share it with their followers via Instagram stories or direct messages. The more shares your posts get, the more likely all of your content will appear toward the top of your followers' timelines.

We know the end goal of your business is to sell, but it is important not to preach to your customers on every post. Try sharing a local story or something buzz worthy on your page this week and see if it peeks your followers interest.

2. Influence

We just talked about the importance of getting your followers interested in your brand again. Then and only then can you start successfully influencing them to buy your products and services. Make sure you continue to mix your sales posts in with other types of content to keep the Instagram gods happy and all of your content being seen.

3. Interact

The last way to be "in" with instagram is to interact with your followers! If you are getting comments on your posts, be sure to comment back. Utilize stories to ask questions, create a poll, provide a quiz, etc. If your followers view and interact with your story, it is more likely Instagram will allow them to see your regular posts too.

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