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2021 Graphic Design Trends

Whether we see them in print, on social media, or on websites; it's no secret that graphics are always in front of us! As digital content creators, this means we always need to be evolving and making our next graphic even more eye catching than the last.

Here are the design trends we expect to see dominate in 2021. Click here to see the handy infographic our friends at Venngage put together on this topic.

1. Muted Color Palettes

These colors have a low saturation. They are calming colors and make us feel safe and secure. You may have seen a lot of health and wellness social media posts using these colors in 2020.

2. Simple Data Visualizations

With so many statistics being tossed around this past year, simpler will be better in the new year. Easy to read charts, graphs, and percentages will make the best graphics.

3. Geometric Shapes

This goes with the muted colors trend as hard edges and geometric shapes contrast beautifully with those colors. In 2020 we saw abstract shapes everywhere so it just makes sense that the opposite would come into play next year.

4. Flat Icons and Illustrations

Icons are a great way to tell a story on your graphics without using extra words! Plus they give you more creative reign than using stock photographs. Expect to see more graphics made with clipart than with photos in the coming year.

5. Classic Serif Fonts

Going along with our muted color palettes and simple designs is the use of serif fonts. While you may not think these classic fonts pop on a graphic as well, when sized correctly, they actually can be just as bold as a heavy font.

6. Social Media Slide Decks

It's no secret that a square image on Instagram does not leave much room for text information. This is why we will see more and more business pages taking advantage of a slide deck. A slide deck will allow you to use 5 or 6 graphics on 1 post thus allowing you to divide up information in a more visually appealing way.

Additionally, Instagram's algorithm prioritizes slide decks over single images if you needed another reason to take advantage of this trend!

7. Text Heavy Videos

This is due to so many individuals working remotely and social distancing (which will likely continue through 2021). It is harder than ever to set up a production shoot for a video which is why we will see text heavy videos dominate in 2021.


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